Pankando No Pagode by LuizSantos

An exciting Piano solo adventure blending Brazilian rhythms and Creative Jazz Art Forms

Luiz Santos: Grand Piano

While I was traveling through Brazil this year. I felt a deep desire to record a piano solo based on the depths of the Brazilian heartland. From Rio de Janeiro’s breathtaking views to MinasGerais countryside mountains with beautiful waterfalls and forests. I brought the power jazz feels from the city of lights New York, into the tropical nature of Brazil. Sit back, relax and dream with natures beaches oceans and sounds.

♫ Time after time / Miles Davis Group - YouTube
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When I’m watching the video, Every time I’m in the Mood for standing in a golden sunset. I remember your lonesome trumpet voice.. Thanks Miles for long long …

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Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich Famous Drum Battle - YouTube
Buddy Rich & Jerry Lewis - Drum Solo Battle (1965) - YouTube
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Buddy Rich & Jerry Lewis - Drum Solo Battle (1965)

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H.Hancock, W.Shorter, S.Clarke & O.Hakim -Cantelope Island- - YouTube
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LIVE UNDER THE SKY ‘91です。これ生で見た人はホンマ幸せ者と言うか、歴史の瞬間に立ち会えたって感じですよね。15分まで上げれるようになったので、前2分割してアップしてたのを1本でアップし直しました。

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Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Dave Holland & Brian Blade - Pathways (Newport 2004) - YouTube
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“Pathways” composed by Dave Holland. Wayne Shorter - Tenor Saxophone Herbie Hancock - Piano Dave Holland - Bass Brian Blade - Drums Filmed on August 15, 2004…

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